Past Punditry

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Jalane Schmidt

 UVA professor and local Black Lives Matter founder


Claudrena Harold

 UVA history professor and advisor to the Black Student Alliance


Seth Wispelwey

co-founder of Congregate Cville


John Edwin Mason

UVA history professor and vice-chair of Blue Ribbon Commission on statues


Tim Heaphy

former U.S. attorney and author of the city's independent review 


Brennan Gilmore

witness suing Alex Jones for defamation


Joyce Camden

local trauma counselor


Mike Signer

former Charlottesville mayor


Larry Sabato

UVA politics professor


Rabbi Tom Gutherz

senior rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel


Ben Doherty

UVA law librarian and organizer with Standing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)


Kathleen Belew

author of Bring the War HomeThe White Power Movement and Paramilitary America


Jim Ryan

president of UVA


Risa Goluboff

dean of UVA Law School and chair of the Dean's Working Group on the university's response to August 11 & 12


Louis Nelson

UVA associate provost and architecture history professor


Ibram X. Kendi

author of Stamped from the Beginning


Mary McCord

visiting professor at Georgetown law and attorney pursuing the militia lawsuits


Dahlia Lithwick

 Slate Supreme Court correspondent


Nina Silber

Civil War historian at Boston University


Phyllis Leffler

professor emerita of UVA history department


Margo Smith

founder of the Kudzu Project


additional background interviews


Will Richey 

owner of Whiskey Jar restaurant


Rabbi Rachel Schmelkin 

rabbi educator at Congregation Beth Israel


Elaine Ellis Thomas

former associate rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church


Jack Ronayne 

local student involved in Sacajewea mural