Past Punditry

Politics. Media. History.

Nicole Hemmer has taught US history as a teaching assistant at Columbia University, as a lecturer at Manchester (College) University, as a visiting lecturer at the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, and as a visiting assistant professor at the University of Miami. At Miami, Hemmer offers a range of courses on 20th century America:

  • History of the United States Since 1877
  • Conservatism in America Since 1945
  • Before Occupy and the Tea Party: Social Movements in 20th Century America 
  • Suburbia: Culture and Politics in America’s Suburbs
  • Purchasing Power: Consumer Culture and Politics in 20th Century America 
  • The American Century: U.S. Foreign Policy Since 1898 

These courses blend argument-driven lectures, in-class discussions, and multimedia primary sources to help students develop analytical skills and an awareness of history as a compelling and relevant discipline.


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